Dear friends, if you have come to browse this page, it means that you really follow me with pleasure and, God help me, I have not worked so many years in vain !!!!! 😀

Those who started with me, at the beginning of 2007 (February to be exact), in this beautiful culinary journey already know that I don’t like to talk too much about myself. However, as my wonderful Logo looks, I must confess that I love coffee and chocolate. And ice cream, daaaa !!!!! But I also make food. You will find, therefore, many appetizing recipes on the blog that will delight you. Not as many as the cake or cake recipes I excel at (read: I’m exaggerating), but that’s life, you still have to do what you like 😀

My great desire is to share with you a part of what makes me happy, that is, my passion for cooking, and to convince you to take me with you to the kitchen.

You will see that by following the steps, adding a touch of emotion and a spoonful of passion, the result will be miraculous. Enter the kitchen not only with the thought of making a tea or a coffee, but also to “taste”, with your loved ones, the small joys of life!